Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Knox County, TN Considering Calorie Counts on Menu Boards; List of Speakers from Nashville Meeting On Menu Boards

Knox County, TN is considering a law to put calorie counts next to prices on fast food and chain restaurant menus.

Over 60 percent of Knox County residents are overweight or obese. "It costs Knox County alone $200 million a year in extra medical costs for overweight and obesity," says Knox County Health Department Director Mark Jones.

Knox County officials have been looking at the proposal for a while, even traveling with Nashville (which has drafted its own version of the law) officials to cities that have already taken the plunge.

Here is a list of speakers (and the establishments they represented) at the public meeting held in Nashville, TN last month on its pending proposal:

Dr. Paul – MPHD - For
Robert DeYoung – White Castle System, Inc. - Against
Charlie Pastors – B.F. Nashville, Inc. – Wendy’s - Against (Wendy's Official Position at link)
Jarron Springer – Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association - Against
Todd Saxey – The Old Spaghetti Factory, District Manager - Against
Kelly Napier – Rafferty’s Restaurants - Against
Anshika Sharma – MPHD Youth Advisory Board - For
Catherine Floyd – Citizen - For
Dr. Roger Cone – Vanderbilt University - For
Dr. Joan Randall – Vanderbilt University - For
Genie Moore – Middle Tennessee Chapter of the American Diabetes Association - For
Walt Baker – Tennessee Restaurant Association, TN Hotel & Lodging Assn.- Against
Leslie Cherry – O’Charley’s - Against
Nick Taras – Robert-Orr/Sysco - Against
Patrick Sheeny – CBRL Group, Inc. - Against
Dr. David Schlundt – Vanderbilt University - For
Stephen Anderson – Logan’s Roadhouse - Against
Dr. Tom Cook – Vanderbilt University - For
Dan Haskell - Tennessee Restaurant Association, TN Hotel & Lodging Assn., Gaylord Entertainment, Tennessee Retail Assn., Nashville Chamber of Commerce - Against
Rob DelMoro, Regal Entertainment Group - Against
Mark Balsinger, Carmike Cinemas - Against
Tony Thompson – National Association of Theatre Owners of Tennessee - Against
Tamara Lister – Famous Dave’s - Against
Nathan Ridley - Boult Cummings Law Firm - Against
Chelsea Williams – Citizen - For
Henson Moore – Schlotzsky’s Deli, Bojangles - Against
Claire McKeever –Food Security Partners of Middle TN - Against
Dr. Alisa Haushalter – MPHD - For

You can see for yourself where industry falls out on the proposal. The Board will consider the measure again at its February 9, 2009 meeting, where hopefully, the proposal will be voted on.