Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friendly's Abandons Trans Fats, But Does It Really Matter

The Friendly Ice Cream chain of about 500 restaurants, said it is "officially banning artificial trans fat" from its menu. Earlier this year, Friendly's disclosed plans to join other restaurant chains in phasing out trans fat oil and said then that it expected the transition to be completed by the fall. Numerous city and municipal governments have already banned trans fats including New York and Boston.

So no more trans fat at Friendly's. But have you looked at its menu.? If you eat the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Wrap (no fries, no soda), you are still getting 1300 calories, of which 810 come from fat. The 90grams of fat equal 138% of the recommended amount for an entire day.

The 22grams of saturated fat amount to 110% of a daily allotment. 140mg of cholestoral are about one half a daily allowance, and the wrap has a whopping 2,870 mg of sodium. That is more than a full teaspoon or 120% of a recommended daily amount.

So, no more transfat, but you still eat there at your own health risk.