Wednesday, December 3, 2008

France Recalls Melamine Tainted Chinese Soymeal, Feed Intended for Organic Poultry

Almost 300 tons of soymeal from China, used to feed organic poultry in western France, were taken off the market after testing positive for melamine at 50 times the recommended limit.

One tested lot contained 116mg/kg of melamine, while the permissible level is no more than 2.5mg/kg. Other untested batches were delivered to some 127 organic farms in the Loire region in western France.

The scandal is the latest to rock China's food industry, which has been tarnished by a series of health scares over dangerous products in recent years. Melamine falsely boost protein levels in food products.

First milk products, then eggs, then fishmeal, now soy. Is this the final death knell for the Chinese food export industry?