Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FDA Finds Valley Springs Artesian Gold Water Adulterated, Possibly "Contaminated With Filth" or "Injurious To Health"

An FDA inspection of Valley Springs Artesian Gold in Lewiston, WI revealed numerous deviations from federal Bottled Water Drinking Regulations. The FDA found Valley Springs' product to be adulterated because it had been prepared, packed or held under unsanitary conditions. It also found conditions where "it may have become contaminated with filth," or where it may have been "rendered injurious to health."

Specifically, among other problmes, the FDA found undocumented sources of supply for the water, a failure to sample and analyze its source water for microbiological contaminants, chemical and radiological contaminants as required by law. Valley's last documented sample analysis for radioactive contaminants was done in 2003.
Valley Springs also did not test its bottled water for bacteriological contamination as required by law, nor did it test for chemical, physical and radiological contaminants as required. Click here for the full text of the FDA's Warning Letter.
The FDA inspects food facilities it oversees on average just once every 10 years. Between 2003 and 2006, FDA inspections have dropped by 47%, and it has a current funding shortfall on $135 million. Imported foods receive even less oversight from the FDA. Less than 1% of the food imported into the U.S. is inspected. What sort of food safety emergency, domestic or imported, will it take to get Congress to properly fund the FDA and to get the FDA to properly protect American consumers?

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